Saturday, July 29, 2006


Something wrong with the current startup wave is that there's still an element of trying to revive the past, at least a memory of how things were during the boom. People may be trying to do it differently, more cult-like, perhaps, as the article says, but there's still something that smacks of uncreativity. And the problem with the social networking space is that there are as many social networking sites as there are people. So you either have to join as many networks as there are people out there, or everyone is going to be in their own individual network, which does not make a network.

Living in topsy-turvy tech time: The global economy never rests, nor do the driven -- some say crazy -- workers of Silicon Valley

An interesting quote from the article, "'This kind of addiction of availability is about more than work -- it's a franticness that is hard to shut off," he said. "It creates the illusion of being alive. But a lot of it is pedaling to nowhere.'"

It made me think of people who are always on the go, living life as they say, sure, experiencing a lot, and enjoying themselves. There is no time to think about the meaning or purpose of the life they are living, aside from the seeking of pleasure perhaps. Interesting how one person's "living life to the fullest", some would see as a life of emptiness. And something along the lines of vice-versa.

If you want to know what's a cool new product or technology, this is cool:

High-tech entrepreneurs unveil a sporty electric car

As I said before, the day of the solar-powered plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle is not that far away. The communications portion of the trio of technological revolution is already pretty mature. It's the energy and transportation portions that are ramping up. But when I thought Google was really awesome, nobody else seemed to.

I tried out Google Spreadsheets yesterday. Yup, it's starting to be a real net-OS, and it really is going to take over the world of the desktop OS. The Google search box is the equivalent of the Unix command-line. If you think about it that way, and Microsoft history, perhaps it's not too crazy to think of Google stock prices continuing upward. However, the latest article about Larry and Sergei and their party airplane was really unbecoming, even if it's just media or jealous newsfeeders. Too much success and perhaps it's possible to lose one's way.