Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bright Smile

If blogging could be a sign that I'm well enough to blog, that hopefully my health is being regained. Here's a picture showing a pretty healthy looking me back in early June at Lawrence and Yian's wedding reception. This is the day after I decided to break up with Johnny the night before, and still looking pretty good... I can't quite tell if my neck is stiff in this picture though.

Everyone should have as bright a smile as Yian.

Can one really know what it means to have taken things for granted until one loses those things. Even if one thinks one isn't taking things for granted, one never knows until one experiences it.

I've had almost thirty years of a pretty uneventful perfect life, pretty much everything I could have asked for, and everything I strived for, I got without much difficulty. If this is just one year temporarily of suffering, during which I can transform my life, and if I could have another thirty years and more, of a good life, that would really be a wonderful thing.