Friday, October 13, 2006


Praying for miracles.

While I was in the hospital, one day, a nurse I hadn't seen before peeked into my room, then came back in a few minutes. She started talking to me about praying to God to make me healthy, and after I am healthy, I would go to church and glorify God. I was listening very intently. What else could I have faith in?

She said to me that the doctors are limited. God can overcome anything. But I could pray for God to give the doctors wisdom, I think she said something like that. She said something similar to what my boss had said, about giving up your burdens to God. And that God will love me, and that I am a beautiful child. Things beyond my understanding.

During this time, one of the nurse assistants came by and watched through the window. He must have seen us in intense dialogue. Later on, I thought back and actually it seemed like a divine experience. Perhaps as Heather said, the angels are watching over me.

Immediately after, I was moved to another room, with a much nicer view, and a view of a church. I saw the nurse a few more times in passing. She was always smiling brightly and watching. She stopped by once more to give me "Our Daily Bread".


Yes, I want to believe, like the doctor said, that I'm young and healthy and I'll bounce back. That I'll look back at 2006 and say that was a terrible year.

It's like I'm hoping for a miracle doctor, maybe that's too much to ask. At my second visit with him, he said to trust him, but how could I when he didn't seem to trust me that I knew my symptoms weren't psychological or stress-related. So far, it seems to alternate a bit with each appointment.

Pray that doctors will have the wisdom to heal, and be caring, understanding, patient, persevere, and trust and believe in their patients.