Monday, January 29, 2007


After that flu I had in April, which I now believe was the Lyme flu, my spring allergies suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. I had just stocked up on Claritin to last through June, since I normally sneeze nonstop from February through June, literally. And I normally sneeze every day even in non-allergy season. Also, for the record, after the flu, I started getting a slimy oily face that would almost drip if I don't wash it every opportunity.

Not until I sneezed one day, sometime around October, did I realize I hadn't sneezed at all since April. And then, when I was taking Risperdal for psychotic-ness related to seizures, I started sneezing more. And my face was less oily for that duration.

Well, I miss my sneezing. I like sneezing. Sneezing is a sign of good health. They've connected allergies with traits like being left-handed, premature, good at math, smart, and okay, I might be making some of this up. It reduced my productivity during allergy season to 25% for the 75% sneezing and recovering in bed, but if the allergy trait made me 500% productive overall, I still came out ahead....

Apparently, people who are schizophrenic don't sneeze much:

A blow from the east - research in India on inability to sneeze, asneezia