Sunday, January 28, 2007

Having Faith

I've been contemplating whether it's possible for someone like me to ever believe in a faith like Christianity. In college, when the "Asian Christians" tried to "convert" me, I could never get past the idea that there is one Truth and one true religion.

So how can one be Christian yet retain cultures that have Buddhism, ancestor worship, and other forms of worship woven into them? You could reduce Buddhism to a philosophy. But then what are you actually doing when you meditate and pray? And what about the kitchen god in every Chinese restaurant, and Kuan Yin, and whatever other gods and goddesses I don't know about?


My friend who referred me to her long-time doctor, questioned now whether his niceness is genuine. That's true, one can be very nice, do one's duty and job, act caring, yet not really be genuine if one doesn't have faith to believe the people one is caring for.

It is very difficult to understand or believe illnesses such as this without experiencing it oneself. I suppose that is where the leap of faith comes in.