Saturday, January 27, 2007

Believing People

I'm not one to usually believe in conspiracy theories, but this one is rather believable:

Plum Island: Biowarfare Laboratory?

Lyme Disease is a Biowarfare Issue

Let's take a look at this map of reported cases from the CDC. Where do you think Plum Island is located? In the middle of that dense semicircle in New England. And let's compare this 2004 map with one from 1999. The semicircle expands. As does a strange cluster around Minnesota. Now if the disease has really been around for a longer time, and if the increase in reported cases were simply due to increased awareness and diagnosis, one would expect the case map to just get evenly denser everywhere, instead of expanding outwards from the original source. I wonder if birds migrate from New England to Minnesota. There are even more interesting articles out there, and even more interesting when you start reading up on Gulf War Illness.

Another thing is, if the disease had really been around long before it was discovered in Lyme, CT, there would be written record of it. People on the Oregon Trail and Little House on the Prairie who spent all day in the grass would have gotten it. There is plenty written about dysentery and consumption, but nothing that sounds like Lyme disease.

But what to do about it? We just need to figure out how to heal all the sick and disabled people, and prevent more from occurring. An epidemic like this could really disable a nation, maybe even a species. The CDC gets more than 20,000 reported cases every year and this number is increasing over time (double that of ten years ago), but even itself says that it estimates there are 10 times that number that occur. That would be 1 in 1500 people every year. Over a lifetime, that would be 1 in 20 people, at the current rate. Since the disease was only discovered 30 years ago, it still appears to be rare. But the math is warning.