Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mind Germs

I just did about a half hour of work, which is basically enough time to skim through e-mail, and remember how to navigate stuff in Unix. That is an improvement from zero. Maybe the Seroquel I took last night helped. It's an anti-psychotic medication used to treat bipolar and schizophrenia, but also used for its side effect of somnolence to help people sleep.

There has been research showing that some anti-psychotic medications also have anti-viral properties. So perhaps they treat schizophrenia in part because of the anti-viral properties.

In my previous post, research on chronic fatigue is showing that at least some cases are caused by viruses. But it will be a while before old squareheads in the medical community open their minds. Actually the old squareheads will not open their minds, especially as they get older; it will take a generational change.

Many illnesses are caused by germs, including mental illnesses:

Mind Germs, Part 2

Do viruses serve any beneficial purpose in the world? At least for bacteria, some of them do, like for making yogurt, cheese, and populating the digestive tract. But then again, harmful bacteria don't seem to serve any purpose either.