Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Life to Live?

Maybe since these articles cite examples of chronic fatigue sufferers who are white male business executives, they might carry a little more weight among skeptics.

Chronic fatigue drug in trial stage

New therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome to be tested at Stanford

Take a toxic carcinogenic antiviral for six months to possibly be made well, or plug on with the long-term Lyme treatment which is not exactly nontoxic either and has somewhat unknown prognosis. I feel unable to make such decisions.

After six months of being bed-bound, room-bound, house-bound, normal life can seem totally surreal. Like, wow, did I really drive all around the Bay Area to go dancing, eating, working, etc? Can I imagine being able to do normal things again and being able to take care of myself?

Blogging is currently the extent of my brain activity. Today I managed to drive the two miles to the drugstore to pick up some medicine, and walk around the store a little, only feeling mildly to moderately foggy, dizzy, woozy, tired, cloudy.