Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Brain Drugs

Chemicals push buttons on the brain. Maybe Lexapro is serotonin poisoning to someone who perhaps doesn't have too little serotonin. One half-dose apparently made my muscles twitch every few seconds all day, brought back mini-seizures, and warped my mind. I was agitated and felt like I couldn't sit still for more than five minutes, yet at the same time it didn't help the fatigue but being agitated and twitching all day makes fatigue even worse, so I was crawling back to bed after five minutes up. I got the urge to look up how people overdose on drugs, a thought that has never crossed my mind before, but luckily my brain had enough unwarped brain cells left to make myself not do that. Then I briefly got thet sensation that I was floating out of my body thinking of myself as a third person. It apparently had no effect on the depression/happiness dimension.

That was a nasty experiment. Wonder what my doctor will offer up next. Maybe just maybe fatigue is not the same as depression. Diet and exercise are probably better than brain drugs in most cases for depression. A friend gets cravings for beer and dark chocolate when she gets her monthly depression. Apparently it works. Really really dark chocolate.

Sometimes I get a craving for Martinelli's sparkling apple juice when my brain is feeling warped lately. A Google search on apples and health says that apples contain lots of stuff good for the brain. Maybe I had such a healthy brain until last year because I drank so much TreeTop apple juice as a kid. Really, several times a day.