Saturday, June 01, 2013

Noodle Proposition

A few months ago during class, I noticed that Teacher was facing an older man instead of me this time while leading the meditation exercise.  I had heard that he was getting treated for prostate cancer or something.  So this confirmed for me that Teacher had not been facing me, at least not entirely..., for some "scandalous" reason such as looking at the cute and pretty girls but because of my health.

A couple weeks ago, he said that he would take me out for noodles after class if I went to the MV class.  Well, I went to the class for the demo practice but left before any noodle opportunity presented itself.  Hm, eating noodles alone with Teacher at like 10pm...?  He already gets home every night after teaching at around 10pm.

The next evening, I was standing by while he was referring to a story to M.  He said this is a good story for me to hear.  When he was on his TJ trips in China, after getting back to his sifu's house after class around 10pm, his sifu would ask if he was hungry.  He said no.  This happened several times and then he realized his sifu was hungry and wanted him to cook noodles for him.  I guess he wanted to eat and talk with his beloved disciple.

So I was thinking his noodle "proposition" was not as "scandalous" as it might have been.  I might be to him somewhat like he is to his sifu.  But the fact that I am female makes things different.

I did e-mail him to say that I didn't think it was appropriate for him to send me a link to a Chinese love song (that also happened to be that the two singers were an older married male teacher and younger female student).  He returned many explanations (excuses?) which are actually probably true but I think all the guys I have been friends with would refrain from sending me (only) a song about romantic love even if it just happened to be related in another way to something we were talking about or they just really like the song and singers.  Sometimes I don't know if I'm too much or not enough.

Apparently, thanks to Google Translate, the singers are very good friends and he sounds very happily married.  The next time I got a ride with Teacher, he had only instrumental music playing, hah.  But he ended up telling me about one of the first songs he heard from the singer, which he had said he better not tell me, but I was too curious.  I looked it up myself later on YouTube and it is a very romantic (in the Chinese cheesy pop sort of way) song, lyrics, and video.  I hope that's what his wife did for him. ;-)